[#3159] - DB2 JDBC (jt400.jar) not registered in DataAdapter Wizard

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I just installed the Jasper Studio plugin to my IBM RDi (Eclipse). The installation went without a problem and the plugin appears to be coexisting with the version of Eclipse and working. But as soon as I tried out a sample report, I ran into problem with my data source. In DataAdapter Wizard, I specified the location of my jt400.jar in the add to classpath tab but the wizard did not register when clicking on TEST button.
How to make jt400.jar (IBM iSeries JDBC driver) appear in the DataAdapter Wizard?

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glad to hear you were able to install JSS in IBM RDi without any compatibility problems.
Regarding your problem, could you please attach the error log or at least the stacktrace produced, when hitting the Test button?

As far as I understand, you are saying that the jt400.jar is not being correctly considered? Is it the entry saved once you click finish on the wizard and reopen it?
Just for now maybe try as quick solution to add the driver(s) in the project classpath (Java Build-Path Property page).

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I've downloaded jt400.jar from http://jt400.sourceforge.net/

added the jar to Data Adapters classpath, used driver class com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCDriver
and url jdbc:as400://mySystem;name1=value1;name2=value2;

on pushing Test button, I get a Swing Authentication dialog, filled something for the user, password, and get a connection error, I don't have a DB2

but this means, driver is loading and connection should be created if I'll have DB2 credentials

I attach, the Data Adapter to my comment

can you please export the DataAdapter to a file, and send me to look at it? also tell me more, what DB2 version you have, what is the client configuration, what is your driver classname, what url you are trying, give me the error stacktrace
maybe you try to use something native, in this case you have to add some more jars

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Closing the bug. No more feedback received.
Currently the PRO version of JSS supports DB2 correctly.