[#14591] - Page Footer with Subreport - Footer only prints on first page

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Issue: a root template with a subreport in the page footer band causes the footer to only display on a single page.

Another oddity, which may be a different issue entirely, or is possibly related to the bug: adding a text field to the page footer containing the subreport (within the root template), causes the template to never finish compiling.

All templates are compiled in Java using net.sf.jasperreports:jasperreports:6.20.1

Within the subreport template intended for the footer, I have tried all variations of bands without success.

Sample .jrxml files are attached.

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Hi, is this something that changed from a previous version you were using?
The sample you have attached is not helpful.
I have no clue of how you are "feeding" your report and how the expression and datasouce expression for the subreport element get initialized.

That said I've tried to play with your initial report, mostly with JREmptyDataSource in the "datasource expression" and with the attached subreport for the "expression". I also tried to create an "empty" jrtx file (pointed in your report).
I was able to generate for example a multiple page document with a proper footer printed on each page.

Maybe you can try to reproduce a real working example of the issue using the SAMPLEDB data adapter. That would be perfect.
And if you can record a screencast video of the problem it's even better.


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