[#13846] - JSS 6.17.0 bundled with JRE instead of JDK causing exceptions

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JasperSoft Studio 6.17.0 comes with bundled JRE instead of JDK, causing different problems related to java development.
First of all the properties pages related to java development can't be openend, causing an exception window:

Unable to create the selected preference page.
An error occurred while automatically activating bundle org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui (240).

Screenshot attached.
Error logs attached as well.

Setting the -vm argument in "Jaspersoft Studio.ini" to some preinstalled JDK fixes at least this problem, but different problems related to java development/report compilation persist.

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I get your point and I will raise the internal discussion about possibly replacing the JRE with a JDK.
The initial decision of going with a JRE was driven by the fact that the main goal of the JSS RCP tool was report development and not the Java related one. The "Development > Java Development" capability needs to be enabled on purpose by the user.
After this operation is performed you can see in the "Preferences > Java" item the "Installed JREs" entry you were talking about.

I might be wrong, but I recall that in the past (with previous Eclipse versions) the error message was raised probably only once: then the page was visible. Now it seems it's verifiable all the times.



Report Scriptlets, which are Java, are a very important feature of our (and our customers) JasperReport development.


Hi, I agree every user has his own custom scenario and needs.
Thats said, for this there is a simple workaround like changing the vm flag.

Not sure which are the other compilation/Java development problems you are facing. I can only suppose it might be something similar to this: https://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-studio/issues/13656
Please try applying the patch and see if it mitigates some of the issues you have with the Java development.

Since you are talking about "customers" (i.e. last comment), if you have a valid Professional subscription, I suggest to open a proper ticket to the support team. This might help driving the discussion about the enhancement.



Hi. I am with the same problem.
I didn't find the the Config "Development > Java Development" capability needs to be enabled. Where is it?
I download the patch described here: https://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-studio/issues/13656 but what i do with it?
Could you give me some instructions on how to use the patch? i am using Jaspersoft® Studio 6.18.1
This error is still in the version 6.18.1?



The error is still present on version 6.18.1 since it also ships with a JRE instead of a JDK.

You can enable Java Development in Window > Preferences > General > Capabilities > Development > Java Development or simply by switching to the Java Perspective once (icons top right) and enabling the activity.

You can fix at least this bug by changing the path after the -vm argument in the "Jaspersoft Studio.ini" file in the directory where the Studio is installed.

(The patch isn't neccessary on 6.18.1, since it only fixes the additional classloading problems. However in 6.17.0 it should be put in the "plugins" folder of the Studio installation directory.)


the community fix #13656 linked above was mentioned only because the user reported various issues related to Java development and report compilation (in the initial post). The workaround in there was a fix for versions prior to the last 6.18.1.
Therefore if you are using a JSS 6.18.1 installation there is no need for that patch.

If your problem is related to the fact that Jaspersoft Studio uses a JRE instead of JDK, please proceed in replacing the target VM referenced in the Jaspersoft Studio.ini file (-vm flag) with a proper JDK installation.

About the capability mentioned, you can find it opening the Preferences dialog and open the page "General > Capabilities".