[#11661] - Bug in Dataset Query Dialog tab DIAGRAM ?

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I think there is a bug in the graphical SQL-design editor in the Dataset Query Dialog tab DIAGRAM with SQL Server database.

I added two tables and joined them via drag'n'drop of one key field that is available in both tables. So far so good (see attachment)

The SQL-Statement (tab Texts and Outline) is correct and works (... from tabA inner join tabB on tabA.key1 = tabB.key1)

Now I would like to add a second join requirement (... and tabA.key2 = tabB.key2) via graphical diagram-editor, but when I do this all tables in the diagram disappear and the outline-tab and text-tab have no FROM-part anymore (see attached screenshot red arrow).

This seems only to happen when I try to join two primary keys from each table, not when joining one primary key and a normal field.

Jaspersoft Studio 6.6.0 community ed. Win 64 bit.

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I've also confirmed the bug. Furthermore, if I select both keys and drag them to the second table, both keys gets mapped to 1 column in table 2 instead of to each corresponding columns.

The workaround is to select both columns in table 1 and drag it to table 2 and switch to Texts mode and to edit the ON statement in the INNER JOIN. Switching back to Diagram mode show correct mapping for both columns.