[#10806] - Report template becomes dirty even without any change in preview

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This is a really annoying bug - especially when using version control in workspace:

With Jaspersoft Studio, an opened report template becomes dirty all the time without any (intentional changes) to the template. Even after a save of the file, the dirty marker of the editor sometimes comes back immediately without doing anything.

One example:

* I open a report template from a project.
* Go to the preview tab - it will start the preview but ask for an input parameter -> even without going on with applying a parameter value or running the report, the editor gets the dirty flag after a few seconds.
* When I try to save the report, the dirty flag disappears for just one second and comes back again. -> The second time pressing save, it is gone for real.
* But there's no real change to the file itself because SVN doesn't show any dirty status and changes of the current file in the workspace compared to repository head revision.

I have already disabled the timestamp information and studio properties because both are also quite annoying together with version control.

Please bear in mind that this issue makes using Jaspersoft Studio really uncomfortable because you are afraid all the time that you have changed something unintentionally. Additionally, you will get irritated all the time by many unnecessary dialogs when trying to close files.

P.S.: If it is not reproducible in other workspaces, I can provide my workspace with a private message.

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Hi, can you share a report where this problem appear? I've done some test and I can't reporduce this with the last version