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While opening any jrxml file Jaspersoft Studio Eclipse plugin runs 'Searching Data Adapters' operation. It is consuming much time (it can take several minutes) and resources on large and complex project. Eventually it will find nothing and get error. You can actually work with report - but it consumes those several minutes of hanging - and it can be not one during your workday.

It is related to Jaspersoft Studio Eclipse plugin https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/jaspersoft-studio (it is rather confusing - you have same name for standalone application and for plugin). I saw some similar reports across internet but they nether were resolved properly. Where are no problems with standalone Studio project, but it is convenient to work with plugin in our project. Where are no issues with older versions of plugin, only with latest 6.5.1 version. Using Java EE Eclipse version.

Data Adapters
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It's resolved yet at a track posted by my:


Fixed in next release



Thank you for your response.

Actually I saw earlier this link - but while there were no additional comments I decided report was just ignored. Actually for end user its not fixed while you do not have new release. Is there any information then this bug-fix release could be?


No, only for the next release.

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this looks like a duplicate of https://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-studio/issues/10301

I fixed the exception there, but I can't cancel the search because you'll not see data adapters in the list. It is a background job, should not slowdown.


Judging from the age of these posts I would assume that the fix is in version 6.6.0 but I have the problem running on MacOS using Eclipse Oxygen and Photon.

Is there a workaround or fix that I have missed. I installed the plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace.

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No, it is still there. It even became worse in 6.6.0. Now it launches two threads 'Searching data adapters'. One finishes rather quickly, another running very long... It seems blocks some resources... It doesn't give you possibility to save file... closing file after editing and choosing to to save it - saves changes, but reopening - you see crash. May be I will attach screenshot after reproducing error next time. But generally error message is similar to the one on duplicate https://community.jaspersoft.com/jaspersoft-studio/issues/10301.
Then second 'Searching data adapters' thread finishes - I can reopen file without error (but it takes many time on my system - may be 15-20 minutes). So its definitely related to it. It also affects generally Eclipse - it lags very much. While looking at task manager it looks like it not uses much cpu, but it blocks some resources and you see dialog 'waiting to finish current operation' often.

Generally plugin becomes unusable. Colleagues say it is after some update about year ago. Some use standalone Jaspersoft Studio and copying files back and forth after editing. I think I should also use it.

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The year is 2019, the version is 7.2.0 and here I am waiting half an hour for adapters to be found wasting my computer's battery, processor and my time.

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I have the same issue, the only message from the log that relates to Jasper Studio is attached.

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I totally refactored this part, now should not throw this errors. Also search should speed up a bit.