[#10261] - Add parameter, add property, save and compile and the property is gone

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Add a new parameter to my report file.
Go to parameter properties, and add a property called "alias" with a value of "Created Date."
Save and compile the file.
If I click to the Source tab, I can see the property on that parameter in the XML.
Close the file, reopen the file and that property is gone and doesn't show in the XML.

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For the record, I am on 6.4.3 but that was not an option on the version dropdown.

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It is not visible in properties dialog, but it is there in jrxml. Fixed properties dialog.


@chicuslavic - That's not correct, though. Once I've compiled the report, the property is gone. It's gone from the XML and it doesn't show up when the report is run on the server. I have to go into the XML and add it manually.

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I just went through the steps again to confirm that this is an issue. Are you compiling when you look for it? Also try adding properties to multiple parameters before saving / compiling / closing / reopening. Specifically the parameter property I am trying to put on 5 parameters today is called "sort_order" and the values are integers.


Please reach out to me directly if you'd like a demonstration of the issue. It's a pretty significant problem for us as we rely heavily on parameter properties.

I just saw that an update is available, so I'll see if 6.5.1 fixed it.

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Reproduced, fixed. Thank you.