[#10086] - Studio 6.4.3 : Property 'whenNoDataType' not present in jrxml when creating a report with no datasource

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I created 2 reports with no datasource to add its to a report book.
The 2 reports don't show up.

I realise the property 'whenNoDataType' was not present in the jrxml.
I add it manually with : 'whenNoDataType="AllSectionsNoDetail"' or 'whenNoDataType="NoDataSection"' the 2 reports show up.

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Hi, you can simply add the value for the when no data type from the properties view without need to edit directly the jrxml. After you created the report select the root node in the outile or the gray area on the report editor and on the properties view you have a combo where you can select the value of your when no data type. About the default behavior, when no data type is not a mandatory attribute so doesn't make sense to force it in the jrxml when the report is created and when it is not present what happen is decided by the JasperReports libray and not from studio.
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Sorry but maybe I didn't give enough explaination or I don't have the same thinking as morlandin.
I meant, at this time, that I chose the property 'Don't use a data adapter' for my main dataset.
So with no data adapter at all it would make sense to me that the 'whenNoDataType' property sets with "NoDataSection".

That being so the 'One Empty Record' property appeared and also solved the problem..

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