[#10046] - Can't save or publish main report in Studio 6.4.0

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Have updated my Studio version to 6.4 but have encountered an issue where the main (MainJrxml usually) report cannot be saved or published to server - I've tried using both the menu items and toolbar buttons but nothing happens. This only applies to the main report though as I can save and publish subreports within a reporting unit, but I can't save or publish any of the main reports across any of our JasperServers.

Our Jasper Servers are still on 6.2.0 but I specified that when I set up the connections.

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Hi can, you please give it a try with the latest 6.4.3.
I think there were some fixes on this area.



Where do I find this? I can't see it in the downloads section of the Support Portal, only 6.4.0

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I've managed to find a Community Edition version, but how about Professional Edition?

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There is no Professional version for 6.4.3. It was a Community release only.
As far as I understood you are a paying customer (mentioned support portal). I suggest you open a case to the support guys so they can handle the proper way, and if needed/possible we will provide a patch.
Anyhow it would be nice if you are able to confirm that with Community version you are able to publish to JRS.



Okay I downloaded and installed the Community Edition, unfortunately I still encountered the same issue though, subreports can be saved and published, main reports cannot.


I encounter the same problem: Saving the report shows the save dialogue, but the file is not saved at all (and the "*" mark (file altered) still remains active).
Tested with 6.4.3 and an existing (old) report.
Saving of non-main-reports are working without any issues.

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I tried to reproduce this bug and I can't. Please add a screenshot or exact steps.


I am having this problem too in Jaspersoft Studio 6.4.2. I am a consultant for a paying customer.

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I tryed to use version 6.4.3 but it has no oracle driver


We have this problem too in Jaspersoft Studio 6.4.2

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