[#9626] - Issue exporting server data from JasperReports Server v6.2

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Is TIBCO Jaspersoft aware of any known issues that could cause the export of data from JasperReports Server 6.2 to hang or fail?

We are currently undergoing an initiative to upgrade from 6.2 to 6.3, and as part of this, we are exporting client data from 6.2 and importing into 6.3. This has been done successfully in six environments so far, so we know it's not a bug per se, it's only in our final environment that the export appears to fail, and fail oddly.

The issue is with the below “export” command. No matter what we try, it will get to 22kb in size and just freeze there, and again only in this environment, on both redundant servers, but not in any other of the six environments where this has already been successful.

./js-export.sh --everything --output-zip ~/old-gov.zip

We’ve done the following:

• Bounced postgresql and tomcat and ran the command, same result
• Stopped tomcat and only ran with only postgresql running, same result
• Had Unix bounce the server and ran the export command again with the same result
• Ran the export command on a redundant server in the same environment with the same results occurring
• Ran the command with a different output name, same result
• Redirected the export output file to different, same result

Could there be invalid data or something that the export script is running up against? Something on the server, a setting, etc.?

We have checked the catalina.out and postgresql.log files but don’t see anything as to an obvious reason why this is occurring.

Here’s screen output from one of our last attempts (as said, each attempt had the same results in 22kb, however interestingly it didn’t always stop on the same folder/data):

Server:/cwtapp/e2_reports/jasper_server_GOV/buildomatic $./js-export.sh --everything --output-zip ~/old-gov.zip
Buildfile: /cwtapp/e2_reports/jasper_server_GOV/buildomatic/build.xml
[echo] Filtering properties (cleaning out blank spaces)
[echo] chkAndSetLocaleDbSettings: dbType is postgresql
[echo] chkAndSetLocaleDbSettings: db.set.lc_collate and db.set.lc_ctype are NOT both set
[echo] chkAndSetLocaleDbSettings: parse: scripts.properties for db commands
[echo] using settings file: /cwtapp/e2_reports/jasper_server_GOV/buildomatic/build_conf/default/maven_settings.xml

[echo] Validating JasperServer database connection at jdbc:postgresql:// Phase: [import-export-test]
[echo] For JDBC driver the artifactId and version properties are set:
[echo] maven.jdbc.artifactId=postgresql
[echo] maven.jdbc.version=9.2-1002.jdbc4
[echo] Specified JDBC driver jar exists
[advanced-sql] Executing commands
[advanced-sql] 1 of 1 SQL statements executed successfully
[echo] Connection OK

Total time: 0 seconds
Using Pro setup
Using Bundled version of Java
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option PermSize=32m; support was removed in 8.0
First resource path:/cwtapp/e2_reports/jasper_server_GOV/buildomatic/conf_source/iePro/applicationContext-messages-pro.xml
Started to load resources
Resource name: applicationContext.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-MongoDbJDBCDataSource.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-adhoc.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-adhoc-dataStrategy.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-adhoc-repository.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-audit.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-cascade.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-cascading-pro.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-catFactory.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-data-snapshots.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-datarator.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-diagnosticCollectors-pro.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-el.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-el-operators.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-events-logging.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-export-config.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-export-import.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-export-import-audit.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-export-import-multi-tenancy.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-export-import-pro.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-export-import-report-options.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-logging.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-messages-pro.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-multiTenancy.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-multiTenancy-security.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-olap-connection.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-profiling.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-propertyChangers.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-propertySettings.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-report-options.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-report-scheduling.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-search.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-search-pro.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-security.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-semanticLayer.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-themes.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-themes-pro.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-virtual-data-source.xml
Resource name: applicationContext-virtual-data-source-query-service.xml
Exporting tenant organizations (/)
Exporting tenant organization_1 (/organization_1)
Exporting tenant HelpDesk (/HelpDesk)
Exporting tenant ProdSupport (/ProdSupport)
Exporting tenant GetThere_Support (/GetThere_Support)
Exporting tenant Finance (/Finance)
Exporting tenant GDSi_Team (/GDSi_Team)
Exporting tenant E2_Support (/E2_Support)
Exporting tenant E2 (/E2)
Exporting tenant E2_Account_Managers (/E2_Account_Managers)
Exporting tenant GEBIAIM (/E2/GEBIAIM)
Exporting tenant GEBIAID (/E2/GEBIAID)
Exporting tenant GEBIASC (/E2/GEBIASC)
Exporting tenant GEBEDSS (/E2/GEBEDSS)
Exporting tenant GEBIABB (/E2/GEBIABB)
Exporting tenant GEBEDDE (/E2/GEBEDDE)
Exporting tenant GLBGAGA (/E2/GLBGAGA)
Exporting tenant GPCPDSC (/E2/GPCPDSC)
Exporting tenant GEBIAZU (/E2/GEBIAZU)
Exporting tenant GEBEDDL (/E2/GEBEDDL)
Exporting tenant GEBIANR (/E2/GEBIANR)
Exporting tenant GPCPDNC (/E2/GPCPDNC)
Exporting tenant GNBNBNB (/E2/GNBNBNB)
Exporting tenant GEBIACF (/E2/GEBIACF)
Exporting tenant GEBIAFC (/E2/GEBIAFC)
Exporting tenant GEBIAPM (/E2/GEBIAPM)
Exporting tenant GPCPDDS (/E2/GPCPDDS)
Exporting tenant GEBIACA (/E2/GEBIACA)
Exporting tenant GEBIACN (/E2/GEBIACN)
Exporting tenant GEBIAPS (/E2/GEBIAPS)
Exporting tenant GEBBCSC (/E2/GEBBCSC)
Exporting tenant GEBEDDJ (/E2/GEBEDDJ)
Exporting tenant GEBIACP (/E2/GEBIACP)
Exporting tenant GPCPDGS (/E2/GPCPDGS)
Exporting tenant GEBEDDT (/E2/GEBEDDT)
Exporting tenant GPCPDFR (/E2/GPCPDFR)
Exporting tenant GPCPDHM (/E2/GPCPDHM)
Exporting tenant GPCPDDL (/E2/GPCPDDL)
Exporting tenant GQABCMC (/E2/GQABCMC)
Exporting tenant GEBIASS (/E2/GEBIASS)
Exporting tenant GEBEDDS (/E2/GEBEDDS)
Exporting tenant GEBIAGS (/E2/GEBIAGS)
Exporting tenant GEBIAPT (/E2/GEBIAPT)
Exporting tenant GEBIAHM (/E2/GEBIAHM)
Exporting tenant GEBIAFT (/E2/GEBIAFT)
Exporting tenant GEBBCFR (/E2/GEBBCFR)
Exporting tenant GEBIAFL (/E2/GEBIAFL)
Exporting tenant GPCPDBG (/E2/GPCPDBG)
Exporting tenant GEBIATD (/E2/GEBIATD)
Exporting tenant GEBIASB (/E2/GEBIASB)
Exporting tenant GEBIARR (/E2/GEBIARR)
Exporting tenant GQAEDDL (/E2/GQAEDDL)
Exporting tenant GPCPDFS (/E2/GPCPDFS)
Exporting tenant GQAEDMW (/E2/GQAEDMW)
Exporting tenant GEBIACS (/E2/GEBIACS)
Exporting tenant GQAEDQN (/E2/GQAEDQN)
Exporting tenant GEBIAEE (/E2/GEBIAEE)
Exporting tenant GAHAHAH (/E2/GAHAHAH)
Exporting tenant GEBIAZV (/E2/GEBIAZV)
Exporting tenant GEBIANA (/E2/GEBIANA)
Exporting tenant GEBIANL (/E2/GEBIANL)
Exporting tenant GPCPDED (/E2/GPCPDED)
Exporting tenant GPCPDNB (/E2/GPCPDNB)
Exporting tenant GPCPDDT (/E2/GPCPDDT)
Exporting tenant GEBIANT (/E2/GEBIANT)
Exporting tenant GEBIAWW (/E2/GEBIAWW)
Exporting tenant GPCPDNR (/E2/GPCPDNR)
Exporting tenant GPCPDID (/E2/GPCPDID)
Exporting tenant GEBEDFA (/E2/GEBEDFA)
Exporting tenant GEBBCAB (/E2/GEBBCAB)
Exporting tenant GQAEDDS (/E2/GQAEDDS)
Exporting tenant GEBBCCP (/E2/GEBBCCP)
Exporting tenant GEBIAIB (/E2/GEBIAIB)
Exporting tenant GEBBCST (/E2/GEBBCST)
Exporting tenant GPCPDWW (/E2/GPCPDWW)
Exporting tenant GPCPDSA (/E2/GPCPDSA)
Exporting tenant GEBED13 (/E2/GEBED13)
Exporting tenant GEBIAOP (/E2/GEBIAOP)
Exporting tenant GEBIAMC (/E2/GEBIAMC)

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