[#9616] - Ad Hoc Domain Select Fields not displaying tables by custom names

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It is possible to adjust labels for tables, sets and data items when defining a Domain in Jaspersoft. However, the below identifies an area where – from what we can ascertain – such label customization is not carried through in the Jaspersoft UI.

In the example screenshot, the area identified with (4) shows the custom names applied to the domain sets. However, area (3) appears to be ignoring these custom names. Incidentally, if a user was to select fields from such sets, the resulting update to area (4) shows as expected, displaying the custom names as defined in the domain.

After further analysis and testing, we feel this is a bug with Jaspersoft and using resource bundles supported. All the labels and float-over help we customize by using a properties file for the domain, and it all works in the Jaspersoft adhoc UI, except it is not working properly for the screen in the screenshot. It works for fields of a table for a set, but the table names do not display from the properties file and if there are nested sets, they do not use the properties file even though in the other screens it works just fine.

One could set all these labels (manual work for every field in domain) and then that screen would show nice names, but it would be double the work of providing user friendly names for tables and fields in the Jaspersoft domain and it seems like it partially works in that one UI with the properties file as described.

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Adding new display items to a domain will cause the new items to not be displayed correctly by an existing ad hoc editor. The labels and descriptions will not display; instead it will have the column name from the database.

However, this problem does not seam to apply to a new ad hoc view created after the domain update. A new ad hoc view will display the new domain items correctly