[#9056] - Check for Schedule Start Date not greater than Schedule End Date fails

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Jasper Server 6.3 installed with all defaults
Build: 20160629_1853
Locale is en - English and Timezone Europe/London GMT
Server timezone is Europe/London
Browsers: IE v11 and Google v55.0.2883.87 with language set to English (United Kingdom)

Replicated on 3 different installs of Jasper Server v6.3.0.

When creating a schedule, on the schedule tab choose 'On specific date' as 'Start Date' and use the date picker to choose a date/time say '09-01-2017 09:00' and click on 'Done'
Choose 'Recurrence Type' of 'Calendar' and choose selected days say 'Mon' and a time of 9 hours and 0 minutes.
Using the date picker set an 'End Date' say '06-03-2017 12:00' and click on 'Done'

Click on the 'Parameters' tab to proceed.
'End Date' text box goes red and the error message 'The end date is before the start date. It should be after' is displayed even though this is clearly not the case

Return to the 'End Date' text box and use the date picker to change the date to say '10-03-2017 12:00' or any date where the day part of the date is greater than the 9th (or whatever day part was set in the 'Start Date' date) and click on the 'Parameters' tab to proceed and all behaves as expected.

Seems like there is some confusion somewhere with the days part of the validity check that confirms that the start date is not greater then or equal to the end date.

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I would start with checking your calendar date format.
For default en locale it's located in file: WEB-INF/bundles/jasperserver_config.properties
calendar.datetime.format=yy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss

As you can see - default pattern is year-month-date. In your bug description date look like 06-03-2017, which means that date format is changed.

There is a chance that your current date format is month-date-year. It would explain the validation error. You may be scheduling a job that starts Sep 1, 2017 and ends Jun 03, 2017.


Thanks for the repsonse.
The properties file: WEB-INF/bundles/jasperserver_config.properties has been edited to support the UK date format of 'dd-mm-yy' in all relevant sections.
This has been the case successfully for earlier version of Jasper Server.
We have only noticed the above problem with v6.3.0.
Is there another file that holds validation referencves specifically for the quartz report scheduler?