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In some cases, we may have several datasources, with the same table structure.
And we would like run reports on any database.
An input control could be used for the user to choose which database he want to use.
See same demand : http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/1005026/data-source-input-cont...

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I just have the same problem; I want to execute an stored procedure wich is stored on different databases wich depends on a checkbox (or other inputControl). That inputControl should choose the datasource (not the database instead), and then maybe the database if's an option.

We re running a SQL Server, and the scenario is like we have a server storing present time data and a secondary historic data server; I cant use a Virtual Datasource with a Domain, cause this stored procedure calculates all data, and I can´t get it through Domain Language, only SQL statements.

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I have the same request. I have a PostgreSQL Instance. In it, I will have N number of databases where the schema is the same for different organizations. When writing a report using the Jaspersoft Studio, you can select a datasource, input the parameters and run the report against different datasources. It would be nice to be able to do this same kind of thing once the report has been exported to some server and just pass the datasource as a parameter so we don't have to duplicate the report for each instance.