[#5836] - Time Filter Cannot Be Set to PM Hours - Reports Only (Ad Hoc Works as Expected)

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I recently created an ad hoc that has a MySQL Time Data Type field being used for a Between filter, namely between 06:00:00 and 14:30:00. This works as expected in the Ad Hoc, showing only results with a Time value between those two values. When the Ad Hoc is save as a Report however, no results display at all. Through rigorous testing on a single On or Before filter on the same Time Field, I discovered that the Time Filter in the Report resets after 12:00:00 back to 00:00:00. The reason I am not getting results in my report is that the filter that was working in the Ad Hoc as 06:00:00 to 14:30:00 is being applied in the Report as 06:00:00 to 02:30:00 which is an impossible condition.

Steps to repeat:

1) Create a new ad hoc that has a MySQL field of type Time
2) Use this field as a filter for the Ad Hoc (choose On or After or On or Before for testing)
3) Save the ad hoc and create a Report from it
4) Open the Report and attempt to set the Time filter to any time after 12:00:00
5) Notice that results show as if the filter value were 12 hours earlier

Example: Set the Time Filter in the report to On or Before 13:00:00. Results will only include values of 01:00:00 or earlier.

As it stands, it is impossible for us to create a report that needs to filter on a Time field between the hours of 12:00:00 and 23:59:59. Our workaround is to use Ad Hocs instead of Reports in these case.

Please remedy.

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It looks like this is an issue, but because it involves a JasperReports Server Pro feature you should raise a customer ticket directly to Tibco Jaspersoft and get support from the JasperReports Server team engineers.