[#5427] - Allow Disabling of Caching of Input Control Queries

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The inability to disable caching of the queries used for input controls is causing me some issues.

I see that the user can click Reset to rerun queries that these results don't ever seem to get into the cache so it has to be done every time until the cache expires.

I would really like to be able to disable caching for all input control queries (or for specific input controls).

I see on the forums suggestions that modrian caching can be disabled but even this workaround doesn't work for us. (Manage -> OLAP Settings shows mondrian.rolap.star.disableCaching set to true successfully but we still get the same behaviour)


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This is becoming a big problem for us as our system is very active and new records are being added often, and the users want to see the data they just entered. For the reports this is working fine. But for input controls (where the values are changing constantly) have the results cached and users are not seeing their "latest" data.

Using JasperServer 4.2 Professional (but are hoping to go to JasperServer 5.0 in April 2013)
Connecting to an Oracle Database 11g for all Input Controls and JasperReports

Is there anything that can turn database caching off?