[#5223] - the ablity to run a schedule on demand

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I would like to be able to run a particular shedule "on demand." Currently, if I want to run a certain schedule, I have to select "run now"/"run in background" and put in all the criteria. it would be great if i were able to go to the schedule screen select the schedule and then with i click run now all the setting from the selected schedule would be populated to the new "run now" job

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Thi is exactly the feature I'd like as well. This would simplify a number of reports I'd like to dynamically execute. So outside of adding this 'run now' functionality to the Scheduler/Jobs UI it would also be nice to see this functionality from an API stand point so that you can do a simple API call with a Job ID to trigger it immediately. This would eliminate the tedious task of having to create all the same job setting when using the current "run now" functionality.

The current process I implement is to have our offshore go in, modify the run time, then post completion to revert the timing back to original. In summary a 'Run Now' button on individual schedules for both UI and API would be greatly beneficial for external system integration.