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The attached image shows a capture of the input control for a report. There are several issues that prevent seamless integration into JasperServer with the report as it is used with iReport.

1. There is no way to specify the default value for a parameter that should be set by the system and remain hidden from the user.

2. The Prompt Text should not be a required field. For example, an invisible input field does not get displayed, ergo needs no text.

3. There is no Finish/Save button on the Input Control screen.

4. The Parameter Name should be a drop-down list that is read from the report's JRXML file.

5. Likewise, the description should be populated using the text description present in the JRXML file. (Dependent on the selected parameter name.)

6. Clicking "Next >>" does not make sense in the context of editing a parameter. The datatype for the parameter can be derived from the JRXML file. The minimum and maximum values can be restricted in the report, or in the SQL itself. In theory, forcing server-side validation is the safest approach.

7. The Datatype screen prompts for a Name and Label. Why? If I have already defined the parameter's name and label on the previous screen, why are these required yet again?

8. The help is not context-sensitive.

9. The Datatype screen and Input Control screen look like they can be combined into a single screen (for editing parameters related to an existing JRXML file).

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Thanks for reporting your suggestion!
It needs to be replaced to "Feature Requests" category.


Definitely agree. The wizards make simple things very complicated. It would be helpful if one could bypass the wizard altogether and expose raw xml or similar. Very awkward trying to build things out.