[#4005] - Parent child hierarchy OLAP issue

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Parent child hierarchy handling in JS OLAP views has been broken since v5.5 The problem is due to change in Mondrian which requires getSchemaReader().withLocus() calls instead of just getSchemaReader() calls as made by existing ji-jpivot-5.1.0.jar used in v5.6, 5.6.2 and even the newer ji-jpivot-6.0.1
Please have this fixed in the jasper jpivot source.

The problem can be reproduced by trying to drill down on any parent child hierarchy dimension in analysis view for eg if the following mdx query is run using foodmart analysis connection
select {[Measures].[Org Salary]} ON COLUMNS,
{([Store], [Employees])} ON ROWS
from [HR]

trying to drill down on employees will result in error as the employees dimension has a parent child hierarchy. Please redress this issue.

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This issue is also described in #3694. It is a significant problem. Can we have an estimate time to fix, or a practical work around, please?

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There are other registrations for this problem in #3694 and #4038. Does anybody have a workaround other than the one in #3694? Nothing I've tried works. Either the build fails, or the Tomcat start up fails.

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Here's a workaround for the issue. Use the patched Mondrian jar from here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B01Lyhhy36jeMlN6RGZCNUl0T0k
Rename the file if reqd with the same name as the mondrian jar file in the web-inf\lib folder and replace that file. Restart tomcat. Thanks to ddaly, pmaffeis, dyrex for the helpful pointers.