[#3621] - Unable to acquire conversation lock after 90 seconds

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We have a report deployed in Jasper Server that fetches a huge data (around 130000). the stored procedure takes around 5 -9 minutes to execute and fetch data. But after a certain time period, jasper server shows an error saying "Unable to acquire conversation lock after 90 seconds" though the timeout is definitely more than 90 seconds.
While searching in net, I found that this lock out time is configured in Spring API. And I could not find any way to to change the same.
Its been a blocker issue in implementing Jasper for our report services. A quick revert will be appreciated.


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Team ...This is urgent for us...Would request you update ASAP.

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Hi there is an option to increase thie timeout in WEB-INF/jasperserver-servlet.xml

you will find in Apache-Tomcat folder. modify below property.

<property name="lockTimeoutSeconds" value="90"/> change

Shailesh Patel

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Thanks a lot comsym....That conversion lock issue is resolved now.... however, if the no of records are huge, (say 4 lacks) the jasper reports hangs. And shows a blank report. Please let me know the settings i need to change in jasper server to fetch huge no of data.


Hi Let me know, Did you increase lock time out second value from 90 sec? If yes then what is new value? Report query/SP how much time taking in database to get result set?


Lock time out seconds changed to: 86400
SP is taking 3 minutes to execute in dry run.

I have added below configurations:
1. in jasperserver.properties
net.sf.jasperreports.jdbc.fetch.size = 500000

Also, I want to add, we have one report which took 38 seconds of time to run in jasper server 1st time. 2nd time when I run that report ( parameter list unchanged) it returned a blank report. I could not find any error trace in jasper /tomcat logs. This is happening for several other reports.

Please let me know if you need any more information from myside. We need to close this ASAP, as this issues are coming in production ENV.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Dear Comsym,

Could you please respond on the abobe thread?..
Also...Could you please share the settings in jasper server to fetch records more than 1 lacks?... jasper report is getting hanged (page is showing blank after certain time)when the no of records is high( around one lack or more.)


FYR.. We are using mssql 2008 as DB server.

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Dear Team,

Could please update on this issue..? we are stuck with this for a long time and we would not be able to use the licensed version, if this issue is not fixed.

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Dear Team,

Please share an update on this... We have hit a dead end. If this issue is not resolved, we have to explore some other reporting solutions, which we are considering as the last option. Please treat this as urgent.