[#3506] - Custom output destinations for scheduled reports

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Be able to extend the output options for scheduled report output, to a file system, FTP, publishing system

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This feature would be incredibly useful for automated processes.

Even if it was implemented in stages to get the ball rolling:
1. Output to filesystem
2. Output to FTP location


Scheduled FTP would be something I would be willing to pay for.


To be able to deliver a scheduled report to an FTP server would be incredibly useful to my organisation, so I'd like to add my voice to this feature request. This would be a high priority item for us.


FTP reports is really important to most service based firms. please go for it


While this would still be a nice feature, I've solved the issue by using wget to save the file from the server to a required target. The report runs from the scheduler is saved in the Jasperserver db as an excel ect, and then a wget script downloads it via a scheduled cron job. A bit messy but work well in practice.


Hi shyted, whilst an admin user can pair up scripts to retrieve and on forward report results for schedules in the system this does not help end-users without this level of access (or means/skill). End-users should be able to schedule a report and supply (in the Output section) the destination as an FTP location thus making the output destination truly flexible for non-admin users.

The use case here is a end user without web service facility / access (or the required skills/means) but with an FTP account. This would give our end-users the ability to set up a scheduled CSV report and pipe it to an FTP account for further automated system processing by that end-user's own systems.