[#3450] - Report with only static text can not be displayed on JasperReports Server

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Report with only Static Text field can be previewed on Jaspersoft Studio but if I upload it to JasperReports Server, it returns "Report is empty" and does not show a report with static text.

To reproduce:
1. Create a report on Jaspersoft Studio with only static text elements.
2. Save it to JasperReports Server
3. Try to view the report. Server returns "Report is empty" without showing the static text.

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Jaspersoft Studio usually tries to preview a report with a "one empty record" data source. This triggers the rendering of all report bands.
In this case, this can be overcome by setting "When No Data Type: All Sections No Detail" at the report level.


I'm commenting about JASPEREPORTS SERVER and not about Jaspersoft Studio. Software is specified in "Project". Please check before replying.


You also mentioned Jaspersoft Studio on your first line(please re-read your description) and I explained why it usually behaves like that.
The second line in my comment provided a possible fix. Did that work for you?


No. The bug is with JasperReports Server not behaving the same as Jaspersoft Studio. There's no problem with JSS in the first place - only with JRS.
Please re-read the complete description and all of the steps to reproduce the bug instead of just first line of the steps.

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The JasperReports Server and the Jaspersoft Studio do not behave in the same way with regards to this scenario because they are not using the same data source.
As Narcis explained, in preview, JSS uses a "One Empty Record" data source, if you did not pick a different one. This data source is one of the defaults of JSS.

When you deploy your report in JRS, do you assign a similar data source to your report unit? A data source that would contain only one record with all field values being null?
If you do not specify any data source for your report unit in JRS, then why do you say you expect it to work exactly like in JSS?

What exactly should we fix here?