[#2616] - Installer JasperServer for windows 64 Error

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Installer JasperServer community Edition 4.7.0 for windows 64 Error, after choosing tomcat port then press next.
using in windows 7 64 bit with message box "Unable to Execute validation program".

I have try to re-download after 3 month later and still got the same error.

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I have the same error when trying to install version 5.5 on Windows 7 64 bit.

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I have the same error when trying to install version 5.5 on Windows server 2008 R2 64 bit. I have also disabled UAC on the server . Executing the setup with admin Rights. Express Install works fine , but while doing custom install , selecting existing Tomcat and installing bundled postgres database it gives me message "UNABLE TO EXECUTE VALIDATION PROGRAM." Kindly Help..


Please let me know if is any solution for the above query.


I had the same issue, when i tried to do the custom installation, then i did the typical installation, without problem, and it does work.



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Please use the latest JasperReports Server. Please don't post items related to old versions of JasperReports software here. Check if you are having a problem with the most recent available problem.

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Reproduced this error with Jasper 5.6. The machine was a new Win7x64 box (pre-SP1).

SOLUTION: Updated to the latest Windows 7 SP/updates and the error went away.

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i have the same issue but with windows 2008 R2
when i am trying with win xp there is no issue i am using existing tomcat 7 but the issue seems with postgre
I tried the war installation with Mysql.Its built is successful but tomcat cant start the service.
I am using jasper jasperreports-server-cp-6.0.1