[#13966] - "JSON schema validation failed" error on refreshing report

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JasperReports Server version: 8.0.0
Build: 20211116_2238

On JasperReports server, When I try to refresh the report by clicking the "refresh report" button, if the report has input control, an error will be shown. Please have a look at attached screenshot "jasper server error on refresh.png" for detail.

Error message: JSON schema validation failed: params: Invalid type: string (expected object)

Error trace: /params

It is very easy to reproduce the error. No need for complicated report. You just need a report which take at least one parameter, or a report with at least one input control. As long as the report has at least one input control, even a blank report which does not run any sql query will be able to reproduce the error.

Here are the steps to reproduce:
1. Install a new instance of JasperReports Server 8.0.0.
2. In Jaspersoft Studio, set up connection to the JasperReports server.
3. Use Jaspersoft studio, create a report.
4. In Jaspersoft Studio, add a parameter to the report.
5. You may design the report in any way you like. Just make sure the report has at least one parameter.
6. Save the report design.
7. Use a web browser, login to the JasperReports server.
8. Publish the report to the JasperReports server.
9. In JasperReports Server, add an input control to the report. The parameter name of the input control should be the same as the parameter you added to the report by using Jaspersoft Studio. The data type should be set according to the class of the parameter.
10. Run the report on JasperReports server.
11. Click the "refresh report with latest data" button. You will see the error.

The error will not appear in any JasperReports Server log file.

Please fix the issue.

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Attached here with a JRXML file that reproduce the error. This is a very basic report. No SQL query. No data source needed. There is only one parameter, which is an integer. This report will only display the value of the parameter.

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I noticed this error as well. I hope they will fix it/guide users to fix it soon.


Same here, please fix it!

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Same here, please fix it!


Same issue faced in community version as well. When is the fix expected?


Issue is fixed in 8.0.2 SP

  • Severity:Major» Critical

After Update to the 8.0.2 I faced the same issue. Is it fixed in version 8.0.2. Please guide me if anyone fix this issue.