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for the input control, I was wondering if we can have:
suppose there are two dropdown list in the input control,
and when user choose one option in one dropdown list, the other dropdown list will refresh according it to display some other options. it will be great! thanks!

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This is long waited feature..hope this will be in next release.
Im changing the priority to high


When we will have this feature,the forum also not giving proper response to the Jasperserver community.


When this feature will be the part of Jasperserver Community?


We are working on a general implementation. This will initially be an available patch that can be applied to JS 3.5, and will be wound into the Quartz release at the end of the year


A patch for cascading input controls for JasperServer 3.5 is here: http://jasperforge.org/plugins/esp_frs/file.php?id=96&group_id=112&relid=42

An integrated version will be in the Quartz release.


Very nice but it seems to only work if the input controls are at the top of the page (using Firefox or IE 7 on WIndows XP). The cascading doesn't work if the controls are in a popup or separate page. Is this by design?

It also doesn't seem to work with controls from the repository but only with controls that are local to the report.

Also, can these files be used on a JasperServer Pro 3.5 server to add this functionality there or does a Pro user have to wait for Quartz?


Will it be in the next community version ?
When will be the next community version ?


Included in the 3.7 release candidate


In 3.7.0 release


This Feature works fine on jasperserver, but if you use jasperportlet (JasperServerPortlet-3.7.0.war) for liferay it doesn't work.
this would be great!!!!!!
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