[#10656] - Input Control Dialog when returning from drilldown

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Using the Community version of JasperReports Server since v6, I have created numerous drilldown (Hyperlink ReportExecution _report method) to other JasperReports off charts, text fields, table columns all running fine.

Only the main top level report actually requires the user to input some parameters so the "Input Control" is checked and shown - the other drilled down reports are driven off the main and/or preceding reports.

When the JasperReports Server "Back" button is clicked in a drilled down report, it goes back up to the calling report fine, all the way back to the top level main report where the "Input Control" parameters input report WITHOUT being prompted for parameters...

UNTIL v6.4!!!

Since v6.4 (all variants), when the JasperReports Server "Back" button (or even the browser's back button) is clicked AND returning back to the top level report, the "Input Control" parameters is displayed with the default values ie the previously entered values are lost.

If the same reports are imported into a v6.3 JasperReports Server, this drill down/return to the main report WITHOUT triggering the main report parameter Input dialogue works again. See attached example MainContainer report hyperlinking to DrillDownLevel1 report.

Help! I can't seem to figure out why or how to stop this happening!

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I have the same issue with JasperServer 6.4 Enterprice. Until 6.3 works fine.


Have tested this on JasperReports Server CP v7.1.0 and this bug is still there.


Report the same issue with: Product Edition: Professional

Features: BASIC (Fusion AHD DB)

Product Version: 6.4.3

Build: 20180326_2305

License Type: Commercial


Hi Have u Found any fix for this


No Vinoth I haven't found a fix or an acceptable workaround.

I guess we have to wait for the admin and developers to acknowledge this as a bug before this can fixed.


we found this workaround for us:
we set the link target to blank so the linked report opens in a new tab.