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I have some reports that have hyperlink which link to another report by using full path. Previously, when I use Jaspersoft Studio to design these reports, I added hyperlink with parameter name "_report", and set the expression to full path of the linked reports on JasperReports Server.

But, soon, I will reorganize all folders and reports in JasperReports Server. Many reports will be moved to another folder in JasperReports Server repository. I am worried that, after moving linked reports to another folder, other reports' hyperlink that link to the moved reports will not be working anymore. I need to modify the hyperlink in reports. But, it is a huge task for me, as I need to modify many reports that have the hyperlinks which link to the moved reports.

For the JasperReports Server web service, the reportExecutions service ( https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jasperreports-serve... ) also use path of the report to link the report. That means, when the report was moved to another folder, the application which use the web service must be modified as well.

In the future, after moving the report to another folder, to prevent the need of modifying hyperlink which link to the moved report, and to prevent the need of modifying the application that use JasperReports Server's web services, I would like to make a feature request here. The requested features are as follows:

JasperReports server should be modified to provide an unique ID for each report published to the server. And, beside the published report, if possible, JasperReports server should also provide an unique ID for everything uploaded to the JasperReports Server, and provide unique ID for the folders as well. JasperReports Server should display the unique ID of a published report or other type of object either in its properties, or another location on the server.

When we move a report to another folder, its unique ID should remain the same.

Once this is done, during the process of designing a report by using Jaspersoft Studio, when we add a hyperlink which link to another report in JasperReports Server, we can set the unique ID of the linked report instead of its path.

JasperReports Server's web services should also be modified to make application be able to use the unique ID of the report to execute the report. The resources Service ( https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jasperreports-serve... ) should provide the information of the unique ID.

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When this feature has been implemented, I hope JasperReports Server developers will provide documentation on how to use the unique ID in report's hyperlink and web services.