[#10111] - Scheduled Report Outputs Differ

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We have several reports that run on a schedule set up within the Jasper web interface.

Under "Output Options", for "Output Destination", we have selected "Output To Repository".
Under "Notifications", we email a user and select "Include report files as attachments".

On occasion, we get notified by the user who receives the email that the attached report is blank. However, the same report that is saved to the repository is not.
Likewise, sometimes the number of records in the report that gets emailed is not the same as the number of records in the report that is saved to the repository.

I'm not sure if the email service kicks off before the report is fully written? Or if perhaps the fact that we're overwriting the old report is somehow causing the issue (maybe it's emailing as the old file is being overwritten?).

In any event, it's not something that we've been able to reproduce. And it happens at random. Not sure where to start looking... but in case it's somehow a bug in the way that the email is being sent (or rather, the way that the report is being attached), I wanted to give a heads up.

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