[#4966] - Text file alignment of the contents changed after upgrade from 4.5 to 5.5

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We have a report built in ireport 4.5. We migrated to Jaspersoft Studio 5.5. When the reprot is run we see that the format of the report is changed.These reports were created in iReports 4.5 and a lot of them have a margin defined as 5px around all sides of the reports.
In a lot of these reports client needs to put a number '1' in column 1 row 1 of each page as a page break indicator for their upstream storage application. In the old version it appears the margin was being ignored on the text output and the '1' page break identifier was in column 1 row 1. In the new version it appears the margin may not be ignored and causing the report to be out of alignment by one column.
Is there any known bug with the upgrade from ireprot 4.5 to 5.5?

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So you are talking about the text exporter?
If you see correctly the report in the editor probably it could be a JasperReports problem, more than a JSS one (all the exporting code comes from JR). Howeber this could also be the normal behavior, the 4.5 is really old and maybe something was changed on the text exporter


Thank you for the response. Is there any easy way to correct this. We have about 100 to 200 reports that are misaligned after the conversion. This would be a lot of work to go to each report and manually make the changes.


If this is a change done by JR there is really nothing we can do about it, however if you can share a sample report where the problem can be reproduce we can look at it to found the exact problem

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You need to attach here some relevant files such as JRXML report templates and PDF outputs or screenshots so that we can see the problem with our own eyes and even reproduce it on our side. Explaining it by text is not enough for us to understand what is the problem you talk about. We don't even know what output format do you use to view your reports.



Attached are the old(ireports 4.5) an new(Jaspersoft Studio 5.5) jrxml files. The report outformat used is TEXT. Please let me know if you need any additional information. I cannot share the output files as they have some confidential information in it.

Thank you

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Comparing the two JRXML, we see that they are not identical. Besides the "uuid" fields which were added by the newer JR, we can see one static text having x=-5 in the new report, as opposed to x=0 in the old.

So I do not understand what should we be looking for here. I think the problem you raised was about text export not producing the same output in the two different product releases, if we use the same JRXML.
But from what you sent, it looks like we use different JRXMLs, in which case it is normal to expect the output to be different.

What am I missing here?


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Feel free to reopen this if you still experience the problem and can provide more details about it.


text alignment is not proper after upgrading to 7.1

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basically I am experiencing the issue with text-fields after upgrading from 6.4 t0 7.1.
Reports (pdf-output) created with JS Studio and deployed, now show a top-alignment in fields that are specified to align left (horizontal) with middle (vertcital). Font being used is Arial - thus basic.
Some fields with static text (label) also show this ambiguity - breaking up fixed text now into the next line, while in v. 6.4 this worked out of the box (pdf -too); when switching to pptx output for the same document, report looks fine.

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