[#4373] - Add ability to specify Evaluation Time in Styles and "Print When Expression"

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I can specify evaluation time of a summary Variable for a Group, to derive the desired contents for printing.

When I want to condition print characteristics of an element based on the value of this Variable, to obtain a valid result sometimes I must evaluate the Variable at some time other than "Now", e.g., at "Group".

Please add either an independent "Evaluation Time" for "Print When Expression" with the same values as apply to the Text Field Expression, with an additional value of "Match Evaluation Time for Text Field Expression".

Having this new attribute as potentially independent from the Text Field Expression Evaluation Time means that I can condition many elements (including statics) in a group header based on the end-of-group value of a group summary variable.

It will also be much easier to implement than using the Text Field Markup property.

It will be possible to condition the printing of statics based on an Evaluation Time of other than "Now".

Consider adding this property to Styles, as well, as I think this would be useful there.

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Buenas atodos
Tengo un problema con el iReport 5.0.4
El problema consiste en que cuando declaro la evaluacion en el tiempo como AUTO de una variable y le marco para que en caso de remoeva la linea cuando sea blanco este no me funciona nunguno de los otros propiedades para esta variable. pero si evaluacion en el tiempo esta con NOW funciona correctamente, y se me es inprecindible que esto este como AUTO

Gracias de antemano...

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Hi @all,

I can only support this!

Print When Expressions should stick to the evaluation time of the element (e.g. a text box) or even better get an own evaluation time attribute.
A.t.m. it is not possible to print (or not) elements/bands based on the value of a variable at the end of a group/report.

That´s really annoying!

That´s also the case for Print When Expressions of bands and static text fields - there´s no possibility to setup when the Print When Expression should be evaluated.


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I am having the same problem, mentioned in this issue. The issue is also related to:

Am I correct that this issue is assigned to you? If so, is this issue going to be fixed? Do you know a workaround in the mean time?

My problem is that I want to use the record-count ($V{REPORT_COUNT}) in the dataset of a list as return value. That works perfect if I want to display that number, but if I want to use it in a print when expression, the outcome is wrong. I want to use this to hide a frame around a list when there is nof data in the list.

Please, let me know if you can help me.


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