[#3025] - Print Repeated Values does not work in Crosstab

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Within a crosstab we have the behaviour of avoiding to display a repeating Row Group. On a cell level we have a property called 'PrintRepeatedValues'. When checked we would assume that this would result in the effective display of the repeating Row Groups.

Eg: current behaviour (2 row groups: Make and Model)
Jan Feb Total
Audi A3 5 10 15
A5 10 10 20

Expected result (with print repeated values)

Jan Feb Total
Audi A3 5 10 15
Audi A5 10 10 20

As a workaround I've hidden the Make cell and added the Make description in the Model cell so that it is always displayed.
If this concerns a feature request please change the labelling however I currentyl think this is more a Bug as the flag currently exists.

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I'm struggling with same the issue. I've been trying this in 3.7.4 and 5.5.2 versions but without success. I think crosstab is not taking this property into account when generating header row/column group values.

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The solution you found which involves displaying outer level group label inside the inner group is the correct solution.
The setting you mentioned is for text fields placed in detail band or in table component rows, where repeating values need to be suppressed.
So it meant for suppressing repeating values, not for forcing them to repeat, certainly not in crosstabs, the way you described.

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