[#14571] - Bold Tags are not working even though the markup is html

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Hi Team,

We are using the jasper report where the jasper report is pulling the content from the other marketing espots.
The section is marked as markup html and the <b> is added as well in the espot content, but the bold tag is not working.
Please look into this issue and help on the same.

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Hi Team,

Is there any update on this issue.

Thank You

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Please provide some files for us to reproduce the issue.
For example, you could modify our own /samples/markup sample files in the project distro and pass it back to us.

Thank you,



We are currently including the contents to be displayed in the jasper report dynamically.
So the values we have added from the marketing espot as attached and the field in the jasper report we have given as "html" but still the <b> tag is not being identified and getting bold.
We also have couple of queries :
Also we are including many subreports in the jasper report but we are seeing more spaces to being added. Is there any way to follow to reducing the spaces in the generated report.
And also how can we add any new font family to the fonts to the espots.

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Hi Team,

Is there any update on this bold tag issue



Are you specifying any font in your report template? I mean, do you ever set the fontName attribute?
Can you attach the JRXML file here? Is the bold problem present only in the PDF export? Which export format are you actually targeting?

Thank you,



The font name is not mentioned. I have attached the used jrxml for your reference.
Bold tag issue only in the exported pdf content we are facing.
We are assigning the value for $F{afroxPurposeEMS} from the marketing spot of the product, and even the markup is addded as html in the jrxml but when we add the <b> tag in our marketing spot, the bold is not being applied.

$F{afroxPurposeEMS} this will contain value like "<b>Page heading<b> This is an example".

And also as this is an critical issue to be resolved, is there any paid versions or any other way so that this issue can be resolved as early as possible.

Thank you for the help.

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If you are using any of the Jaspersoft products such as JasperReports Server or Jaspersoft Studio, you can specify the "DejaVu Sans" as the font to be used by your report. The recommended way is to use a style in the report.
If you embed the JasperReports library into your own Java application, then you can use this DejaVu Sans font if you add the jasperrepots-fonts-x.x.x.jar to your application classpath, as it brings the DejaVu font extension.

If you want, you can package the fonts of your choice in a JasperReports font extension. This is the recommended way to guarantee your PDF looks the same on all platforms as you would actually embed the font in the PDF and thus do not rely on default fonts on various platforms, which might have different font metrics and cause various problems.

When you do not specify any font for your report, you are relying on the default logical font of the JVM, which is called sansserif and is mapped to different fonts depending on the running platform. When using such default fonts, the engine does not know which actual font to use when bold needs to be rendered in PDF. On the contrary, when using font extensions, you either make use of a dedicated TTF file for rendering bold, or the engine knows it needs to simulate the bold in the absence of a dedicated TTF for bold.

With fonts that are not coming from font extensions, the engine does not attempt to simulate bold in PDF because it does not know if it needs to.

Again, the recommended solution is to control your fonts and ship them with your reports.

I hope this helps.