[#13716] - PDF version broken at subreport page breaks while Excel works

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We have a report that is rendering as intended when loaded as Excel, but is broken when attempting to save as other file types such as PDF and HTML. The issue after testing occurs due to the use of breaks at each subreport for pagination of the report. When present, the PDF version doesn't properly load, but when all but one subreport and break are removed, the sole page will load as intended. What are the features/conditions that cause the different versions of a report to improperly load containing breaks in subreports while an Excel version appears as intended?

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Hi please elaborate on the report. It would be nice to attach a JRXML sample that reproduces your issues.
I suppose part of the problems your are facing are related to the different exporters behaviour. This is what I can understand.

I will move the project to the JR project, because it seems not actually related to JSS itself.
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P.S: I don't expect to be important in such case, but it's always better to include also details on the OS you are running the application and for example if you are using JSS standalone or the plugin one.