[#13401] - Table component HTML rendering, accessibility, Section 508 improvements

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The table component generates well formed HTML, but it falls short with respect to accessibility and I don't expect it would take too much effort to get that component where it needs to be, for HTML export.

1) please add support for <th> tags - currently, the table header, column header rows generate <td> tags, so for users with screen readers etc, there's no way to distinguish between column headings and data
2) the table component is generating empty rows/cells - I'm assuming these are placeholders for the table header, column header, table footer, column footer etc rows, these appear to be getting generated whether or not they're used
3) there appears to be allot of 'clutter' getting generated in terms of attributes on the HTML tags - it would be great if this were revisited and cleaned up; this just equates to 'noise' for users accessing the content with screen readers etc. Can provide examples if needed, but it's pretty straight forward to see the noise generated when viewing html source on a rendered table

Additional request: it seems there's some limited support on text fields for HTML table tags, via the 'html markup' attribute. However, any <th> tags are getting rewritten as <td> tags. In an attempt to work around the table component limitations, I tried 'forcing' column headers, but they're getting rewritten. It would be nice if <th> tags were properly supported in general and not rewritten as <td> tags.

Thank you for your consideration!

EDIT: updated this to high priority, major severity for two reasons. 1) All users should be able to access HTML based content in 2021 (even if it's a graceful degradation scenario, as long as they have equal access and can navigate the content) 2) This is a legal requirement for U.S. federal government entities - by law, any/all digitally delivered content needs to be accessible by federal government employees with disabilities (and the general public where applicable)

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