[#999] - Swapping values when changing report dimensions

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[ 1267726 ] Swapping values when changing report dimensions

Submitted By: C-Box - c-box
Date Submitted: 2005-08-23 23:04
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Category: iReport2 ::GUI

Assigned To: Giulio Toffoli
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Swapping values when changing report dimensions

Hi Giulio....

two small but VERY ANNOYING problems:

I have a report that is custom-size... width=495 and height=20 Now I want to change it to new width = 504 .... so I go into VIEW--> REPORT-PROPERTIES and change the width
from 495 to 504... after leaving the field IReport makes a funny thing... it changes the values... so my new dimensions are width= 20 and height=504 ... and the orientation also changes automatically.... so everytime I change it... I must do it twice... (and remember both values...--> good against Parkinson but bad for fast editing ;-) )

second problem (also related to changing report dimensions)

When I change the report-size the column-width should also be updated... now it happens, that I do decrease the page-witdth but the column-with stays larger (keeps
the old value)... so I get sometimes an exception when compiling... I know where to look... but our customers doesn't. So when the page-width is decreased... the column width should at least be equal or less. Even when increasing and just one column is used the column-width should be increased to the page-width. Could you be so kind to change it perhaps in 0.5.1 yet?!?!?

greetings from a very wet Germany

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