[#844] - Messages to front also when plugins are on top

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[ 1212464 ] Messages to front also when plugins are on top

Submitted By: C-Box - c-box
Date Submitted: 2005-05-31 23:40
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Date Last Updated: 2005-06-01 06:21
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Assigned To: Giulio Toffoli
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Messages to front also when plugins are on top

Hi Giulio,

as you perhaps remember I'm still developing a database-plugin for getting whole sets of reports from database into iReport... The problem I sometimes have is, that I must close my plugin-window because a MessageBox from IReport is behind the plugin and is waiting for some input (most the dialog "another application has changed ... you want to reload it?")...

The MainFrame of the Plugin is extending JDialog... just to get the window modal (when I use JFrame I don't get the plugin to front when I switch between other applications (e.g. Outlook) and back to iReport) (public class DBPluginMainFrame extends JDialog)

So as I think you call your messageboxes with the parent attribute as IReportMainFrame the messageboxes dont come to front when the plugin is showing.

As I'm not as familiar (yet) with the whole frame and dialog stuff... and I'm thinking your are much more clever .. would it be difficult to make a method that looks for the current topmost element frame/dialog) that is showing as a child of iReportMainFrame and use that for showing all messages. So when I do a MessageBox with my plugin as parent object the MessageBox is in front... when I set the parent to iReportMainFrame it's between this one and my plugin...(so actually invisible as long as I don't
close/move my plugin)

So it would be nice if the messages from iReport are also on very top of the current child-frame/dialog of iReportMainFrame.

What do you think?



Date: 2005-06-01 06:21
Sender: c-box
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Hmm ... so the easiest thing would propabely be two public methods in iReportMainFrame like

setTopMostFrame(JFrame frame)
setTopMostDialog(JDialog dialog)

that plugIns can use for setting themselves to the parentframe..

and you should use the a method like
instead of "this" where you have to look if either a plugin has set any frame/dialog to the parentattribute or if iReportMainFrame itself is still on top.

Do you think that is feasible?


Date: 2005-06-01 02:57
Sender: gt78SourceForge.net SubscriberProject Admin
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Hi Cbox,

There is no way to get the current topmost element frame/dialog. (It's only possible for a child frame get the parent).

What if I give you the ability to set the topMost window that must be used for file modified dialog? The problem born because the checker of modified files is a separate Thread.


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