[#826] - SubReport Handling (open it's layout more easily & faster)

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[ 998570 ] SubReport Handling (open it's layout more easily & faster)

Submitted By: C-Box - c-box
Date Submitted: 2004-07-27 01:45
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Date Last Updated: 2005-06-09 23:41
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Assigned To: Giulio Toffoli
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SubReport Handling (open it's layout more easily & faster)

Hi Giulio,

it's me again. :-)

I would like to suggest a new feature for one of the next IReport release...

my problem:

I have a MasterReport with currently 9 SubReports on it. If I want to change the design of one of these subreports I always must look into the SubReportExpression to know which of these 9 SubReports it actually is. With the name of the SubReport I search my directory structure and open the SubReport in IReport. I don't work with "*.jasper" references in the subReport expressions.. I just have a statement like
"$P{SubReportContainer}getSubReport("SubReport1")"... so when filling my report programmatically I pass a so called "SubReportContainer" as parameter to my
MasterReport and there a method "getSubReport" returns the needed SubReport as "JasperReport-Object" by passing the name to that method.

my suggestion for easier design with SubReports:

you introduce a new field "SubReportFile" on your IReport-SubReport-Element. In that field I can search/edit a filename ("*.jrxml/*.xml" with path) for the SubReport where it is located on filesystem (perhaps even with relative paths). When doubleclicking (or any other event via menu) on an IReport-subreport-element the jrxml/xml of the
subreport is opened in the designer.

Ohh, I remember having ask for the "Align tool window" where just for each alignement a small button is within where i can easily click on to align elements in designer. You have managed it with key-shortcuts... that's also very nice, but it's hard to remember all the fifferent shortcuts for JBuilder/Delphi/MS Word/MS Excel/and so on.... perhaps you find an hour to build just a small toolwin that has for each align
possibility a corresponding button?!?! What do you think about it????

greetings from germany

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Date: 2005-06-09 23:41
Sender: c-box
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Still no answer? Am I the only one who is using more than 3 SubReports on a master.....!??! It would be just one field where the fileName of the subreport-filename is stored... and just the doubleClick-event (or perhaps a "open"
button next to the fileName-Textbox) must be changed/added.


Date: 2004-11-23 02:02
Sender: c-box
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No Opinion towards this?

I guess many people that uses SubReports would like that feature. The more SubReports I use on a MasterReport the more often I must search for it's name and location to open it.

C-Box (again)

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