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[ 1517954 ] Font in report query dialog

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Font in report query dialog

As our report query statements are quite long and complex, I have difficulties with the font of the report query window. For my purpose and taste, the font of the sql editor is too big and not optimal. In order to comprehend the sql statement, I have to scroll the window, which isn't very practical.

Therefore, I suggest that the user can adjust font and font size of the sql editor, either within the query window or within the options dialog.

This would make the query window much more usable and is probably a small effort to implement.

Thanks and kind regards

Thomas Gülden
Munich, Germany

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I have a new reason to raise the priority of this issue. When the SQL query contains Japanese characters they do not display correctly. The characters are correctly saved in the query, so they can be viewed correctly in the .jrxml file and in other editors within iReport. They just cannot be seen correctly in the "Edit Query" dialog box.