[#5700] - HTML Component that crosses a page boundary causes PDF export to fail.

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If the content of an HTML component causes it to grow larger than a single page then it becomes impossible to export the report to PDF.

It appears the issue is due to the HTML being turned into an image and then inserted into the PDF. If the image is larger than a single page then it causes various sorts of errors like NullPointerException or ClassCastException.

I'm not a PDF expert but I do believe PDFs generally have issues with trying to wrap images across page boundaries so this may not be a bug report so much as a feature request.

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I should note that when I create the HTML component I set the Scale Type to Real Height. Without this setting the contents gets scaled so it can fit on a page but the result is barely readable. Not to mention, any other scaling setting results in text sizes that vary with content size which is absolutely not ok on a report that needs all text to be rendered in fixed font size.



Could you please advise if this issue has been addressed, we are facing the same problem(v 5.2):
Even with the page break inserted in HTML <div style="page-break-after: always;"> ... in .pdf or .docx output, the HTML component is scaled to the available band size (except when scale type = 'clip'). Regardless on how many page breaks are inserted into HTML, the content is always displayed on a single page.
Please let us know if any work-around is available.
Jasenka Hadzikadunic


I have the same problem as you. I have a HTMLComponent whose content varies up to occupy more than one page but does not change the page and cut the content. Did you find any solution to your problem?


I am Also facing the same for HTML components export issue for exporting reports as Excel (XSLX). Can any one know solution ? any Fix available for this ?