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I am using iReport Designer -v3.7.1.1 Professional to design report.I have attached jrxml file that use to generate PDF.
Here are some list of issues I have found while generating PDF format though its working fine in both WEB and Excel export.
1)PDF generating in 1 whole page not in separate page according to group I have used.
2)PDF is showing only for certain page nubmer i.e. $V{PAGE_COUNT}, if page exceed certain number eg. $V{PAGE_COUNT}>18 then the PDF shows blank but when we do select all, the portion of data are selected.

It's kind of weird situation. I don't know how to resolve this problem.
Please your valuable suggestions are much appreiciated.

Best regards,
Deep Risal

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Here are the generated PDF showing unexpected behavior.

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PDFs have a page size limit of 200 inches. Some PDF viewers ignore the limit, but others (such as the viewer from Adobe) do not display PDFs with pages bigger than the limit. I don't think there's anything we can do in JR to force PDF viewers to accept PDF files that exceed the limit.



Hi Lucian,

First of all I would like to thank you for your kind suggestion. I do agree with you on page size limit but here in my case the page size is dynamically increased out of limit and I don't want that in my report.I want to split the page on the basis of grouping(per group in one page) but it's not working rather it tries to display all in one page so the limit exceed.
In my attached jrxml you can see that I have used isStartNewPage="true" and $V{PAGE_COUNT} also increased according to group by candidateID but the page is not split in new page according to group.
<group name="candidate" isStartNewPage="true">
What should I do to print every group element in new pdf page?

Please your valuable suggestions and helps are much appreiciated.

Best regards,
Deep Risal