[#4250] - IReport 3.5.3, Sub-Report's size

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I have a main report, this contains a great amount of data, text fields, line, rectangles and images. Of equal way, it contains some sub-report that is used to load data from a xml file through java code. Sub-reports usually are placed in groups and they always have a format bordering them to create the report (I’ll include images), sub-reports are immersed into the format and with “stretch type=no stretch”. The main problem is that sub-report expands itself, making the formats bellow of it, print in one second page, damaging completely the created design. This must be a bug without a doubt; I believe it’s necessary to fit this. I have seen in the forum that I am not to the only one that it happens.

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The images.rar is corrupted, anyway try to set the position type of the elements just under the subreport to float.




Anything new on this one?

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FYI: images.rar does not appear to be corrupted; I can see the 3 images in it fine. But the PDF removes the need to see the images from the .rar file. (Sorry, this comment doesn't help with the underlying problem.)


my problem still persists… really not I don't find any solution. I have tried everything without obtaining good results


Please I need the solutions for this. Or at least the reason for which it happens


the size of the subreports is never static (until the subreport can fit in the subreport element that hosts it).
The stretch option you are referring to does not relate to the subreport itself, but to the element that represents the minumum space allocated for it.
The border you are printing should by the way stay inside the subreport, so you can print it on several pages. hope this can help.