[#4006] - UUID inserted into jrxml file and Designer itself rejects it

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I've been working on a report I originally created using Designer 4.1.3. I've had to create some columns in the report that need to use the Stretch on Overload feature. I am not sure if this is what's causing the problem, but it's the only thing I changed. To implement it correctly I rebuilt the main body band as a frame containing the four columns and set them all to stretch on overload. When the file is saved (whether manually or auto-saved) Designer reports an error and will not load the file. There has been a uuid attribute appended to a bunch of tags that it complains about. I can edit the file and remove these and the file opens. Of course, the files must be in UTF-8 to be accepted, so after I edit them I have to convert them. It doesn't appear the uuid attributes are really needed, so I wonder why they are being added. I can provide more detail upon request.

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You did not say which designer are you currently using to modify these old report templates and how are you actually deploying those reports.
Are you using JR Library embedded into your own application, or are you using JRS?
Which versions are we talking about? Do you deploy source JRXML files or do you deploy compiled *.jasper files?



You are quite correct and I apologize for not providing that information initially. I just installed Designer 5.0.6 because "stretching" wasn't working with 4.1.3. I don't deploy anything. I use Designer standalone to fashion reports that I generate and distribute as PDF files. I would really like to learn how to make these reports directly accessible on my website, but my user community is such that it would probably be a waste of my time to set it up. At any rate, the reports do load and work properly when I remove the uuid attributes, so I'm not dead in the water on this. It's just that Designer 5.0.6 is clearly adding them (4.1.3 doesn't) and then it won't read the reports back in after saving them unless I first remove the attributes in a text editor. Then it works fine with them until I make changes, when it adds them back on.


Sorry, that's Designer 5.6.0, not 5.0.6.