[#2620] - "Read Fields" feature in "Report Query" dialog broken

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I select "Edit Query" for the report. The "Report Query" dialog pops up. I hit the "Read fields" button, and the fields problem reports:

"Error: General problem: error executing SQL statement for: nullCheck username and password; is the DBMS active ?!"

The datasource has been set up correctly; the "Test" button on the "Connections/Datasources" dialog reports that everything is fine. The report preview runs the report and generates correct output as expected.

This feature works fine for iReport-4.7.1. It is broken in iReport-4.8.0, iReport-5.0.0

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Eventually the bug does not occur when we changed the query, for example, adding or removing a "where" clause.

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This seems to be a transient problem in 5.0.1 as well. I see it after I edit the query, but actually previewing the report works fine, which proves the database connection and query are sound.

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E.g. this happens when column alias has space. Removing it fixed the error.


I don't think its transient. Pretty consistent. Removing all alias still has the problem. Rolled back to 4.7.1 still has the problem. Happens on the simplest of queries; "select field from table". Spinner just goes on forever until a heap error or something.


I'm having the same issue. It is very consistent. Using the Oracle thin driver. Reports that worked on 4.7 are no longed working with 5.0.0 or 5.0.1. Have to roll back to 4.7.


I install 5.0.1 on ubuntu 12.10 64 bits and have the same problem. The query I execute is very very simple: select * from barTable
I tried to connect to mysql 5.1.18 I try, changing the jdbc driver pro the exact version and have the same problem.
With oracle 10g using thin connector work fine.
In both the connection / datasources setup show ok on test button.
Now I trying rollback to version 4.7.1.

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Tools -> Options -> (tab)iReport -> (tab)Classpath
Adding a jdbc driver to classpath and put option "Reloadable". It's work fine for me and fixes that trouble.
JDBC: ojdbc6.jar
DB: Oracle Database 11g
iReport: 5.0.1


This appears to have been fixed in the latest version 5.2.0

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I'm having the same problem on iReport Designer 5.0.0 when I want to check my fields with this following query "EXECUTE p_rtes_KPI_nb_ligne_prep_jour $P{codeSite}, $P{codeDeposant}, $P{dateDebut}, $P{dateFin}".
The real problem is that with another query like this one "EXECUTE p_rtes_KPI_nb_cde_prep_jour $P{codeSite}, $P{codeDeposant}, $P{dateDebut}, $P{dateFin}", I get the fields of the procedure but not with my new procedure.

Is it a problem of right on my DATABASE ?
I've tried a lot of things during 3 hours but nothing worked :( (restarting SQL Server, recompile the procedure, rewrite the procedure like the ones which worked).

Thanks in advance

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After few tests, it seems that my problem comes from the way I've coded my procedure, though I was able to call the procedure with an EXECUTE command in SQL Server.
I simplified my procedure and now iReport detects my fields

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I am having the same problem in 5.6.0

I can get fields from simple queries, such as: select * from <table>

But if I try any type of join, it just sits there spinning. Even something simple like: select * from <table1>, <table2> where (table1.key = table2.foreignKey)

I have tried using joins (inner and outer) with the same results. Retrieving fields just gives me the spinning walmart logo.

EDIT: I'm using MySQL to connect, query language: SQL.

I can put the same queries into MySQL workbench, and I get results very quickly.

EDIT2: I just found out that iReports is no longer supported, and that Jaspersoft studio is the new application to use. After switching, everything seems to work better. Go figure! ;)

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iReport is no longer being developed. Please switch to Jaspersoft Studio instead.