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I am using a CSV data source for testing a report I am designing. One of the fields can contain strings that exceed 500 characters, at which point the text needs to wrap and the text box needs to stretch vertically. When stretching is disabled, the text is truncated as expected and only the first line of the text is output. However, when stretching is enabled, vertical space is allocated in the output HTML but is completely blank as if the code simply fails to include the text in the rendered HTML.

This was first discovered using v1.3.2, which we need to use at work due to the JRE version our IT dept forces us to use. But I duplicated it at home using v2.0.3, so it's been around for a good while.

CSV and PDF output are both fine. XLS output is overlaying cells somehow, but the text at least is output. We can't use the RTF format because it is not tabular.

Screen shots available upon request, but this is pretty easy to reproduce. The report is attached. The field giving me the problem is point.formula, which spans the whole width of the margin-less report. Unfortunately for proprietary reasons I cannot attach my CSV file. Just create a CSV file with the 4 fields used in the report and dump enough junk in point.formula to get it to overflow and require wrapping. Make sure to select HTML Preview and best to enable "Is remove empty space between rows" so that the blank space mentioned is easier to find.

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I started from scratch and was able to create a report that worked as expected. I\'ve attached it to this post. The only real difference I can see from within the designer is that this new report has non-zero margins. The original report had no margins at all, and the problem field stretched from one side of the report to the other. Hope this new information helps.