[#1149] - Arabic language in generated PDF appears blank or ????

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Text fields in reports with arabic language appear blank or ??? when generated as PDF. This is regardless of report encoding -
UTF-8 or windows-1251.

I'm trying 2 months ago.

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I have many problems to export report in PDF or DOC .
I\'m using Ireport 2.0 latest version to design my reports that contains arabic letters.

When i export my reports to PDF :

1. all arabic characters displayed are ?????????? , if the property PDF ENCODING=CP1256(Arabic)

2. all arabic characters are not displayed if the property PDF ENCODING=Identity-H(Unicode with horizontal...)

When i export my reports to DOC, all arabic characters are displayed but FROM LEFT TO RIGTH or arabic is from rigth to left.

When i use JRVierver , all arabic characters are diplayed correctelly.

I really need help.

Any help is welcome.
Thanks everybody

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same issue we are also facing

We have UTF-8 content that need to be displayed in the arabic can you please explain how we can achieve that.

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You have a sample displaying Arabic and other languages in the /demo/samples/unicode folder of the JR Lib distribution package.
It is mostly about using the correct fonts and making these fonts available to your Java application as JR font extensions.
Jaspersoft Studio has a tool that helps you package up your fonts as JR font extensions.

I hope this helps.


After all workarounds, i am able to fix this issue in Jasper ireport as follows

In Text Properties :

Font Name : Arial

Pdf Font Name : ../arial.ttf

Pdf Embedded : true

Pdf Encoding : Identity-H


In your Project META-INF folder

Create and Add reports folder containing arial.ttf files and font.xml

Outside META-INF folder, add jasper-extensions.properties file

So finally,

jasper-extensions.properties --- Uses --- fonts.xml --- Uses --- true type font files

jasper-extensions.properties file --> fonts.xml ---> arial.ttf


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