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[ 1097917 ] empty page after report

Submitted By: Friedemann Becker - fnbecker
Date Submitted: 2005-01-07 07:22
Last Updated By: teodord - Comment added
Date Last Updated: 2005-08-05 02:39
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Category: XML generation
Group: iReport 0.4.0
Assigned To: Giulio Toffoli
Priority: 5

empty page after report
Reports containing only detail (or detail and pageHeader) bands have an extra empty page when being filled. That's because iReport writes empty bands into the jrxml-file with height="0". Some of them seem to appear under certain circumstances on the page after the last page - that's probably a bug in jasperReports.

set printWhenExpression to Boolean.FALSE on every unused band


Date: 2005-08-05 02:39
Sender: teodord
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Hi, Giulio

I guess it really does not make any sense to have empty zero height bands. You can remove them from the template based on the condition.

Thank you,

Date: 2005-08-05 02:32
Sender: gt78SourceForge.net SubscriberProject Admin
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Hi Teodor,

iReport assumes that all bands are ever used and it deals with the JasperDesign object only on report loading. There is no way to supress a band, the only way is to set his
height to zero. What sense can be have a zero height band without elements? Why it's not safe remove it?



Date: 2005-08-05 02:13
Sender: teodord
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It is not quite about bands with height zero and without elements. If you are making this kind of test in order to remove them from the JRXML it will not be correct either. Because this will upset someone that has put a such a band in his/her template and we are removing it without asking.

The correct policy should be to test for the band being null.

Lets consider the detail band. If the getDetail() returns null from the report design object, then no <detail> tag in JRXML. If it returns something, then the tag should be there.

So make tests based on the band being null, not on its height or content.

Thank you,

Date: 2005-08-05 00:40
Sender: gt78SourceForge.net SubscriberProject Admin
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Thanks Teodor,

I'll avoid to save a band if it doesn't have elements and his height is 0.


Date: 2005-08-05 00:21
Sender: teodord
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This usualy appears on report templates with multiple columns (columnCount > 1) where there is a summary band present even if it has heigh=0.

What happens is that on multiple column reports, if on the last page there was a second column started, the summary section will be printed on a new last page because it has to be as wide as the page itself and with the first column filled entirely
down to the page footer there is no way to put the summary on the same page.

If you are not using the summary section (height=0) then it should be removed from the template completely. Having a zero height band is not the same as not having the band at all.

The problem is that if we open a JRXML file that only has the detail band, iReport will put back all the missing bands in the template with height=0.

This is not correct not only from this point of view, but also imagine the you have this JRXML as I mentioned, you open it with iReport do not modify anything, just save it. The JRXML you obtain is different from the one you had initially, because iReport
will put these bands with height=0 for you, although you did not have them.

I would like to have confirmation that it is about a multi-column report in your case and also I would like iReport to "preserve" the missing bands if possible.

Thank you,

Date: 2005-08-03 07:39
Sender: kootjekip
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jasperreports error, not iReport...which version do you use?

Date: 2005-01-12 02:55
Sender: fnbecker
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Seems only to appear in master reports when subreports are included

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