A message from Jaspersoft founders Teodor Danciu and Giulio Toffoli.

Its been an exciting few days since the announcement of TIBCO's acquisition of Jaspersoft this week. We wanted to explain why we think this is great, specifically for our community members, customers and our products. So first, lets discuss the announcement. TIBCO acquired Jaspersoft on April 28th, 2014. The acquisition includes ownership of all Jaspersoft products, both commercial and open source, along with the people who build, test, support, market and sell the technology. We will maintain our structure as a product group within TIBCO, operating in the same way we've always done business. But, here are some more details to explain the new merged company:

  • The Jaspersoft product brand will continue on as a part of the company TIBCO Software Inc.
  • We will continue to support our more than 400,000 community members through our open source offerings.
  • Jaspersoft employees will continue the Jaspersoft vision as a part of TIBCO
  • All commercial subscription software license and services agreements, customer support, outstanding price quotes and our current pricing model are unchanged.
  • For commercial customers and partners, your existing support contract is unchanged – same terms, same service level agreements and support team.
  • Jaspersoft’s product roadmap remains intact.
  • Jaspersoft.com, community.jaspersoft.com, and our support portal will continue to be available to the Jaspersoft community.

Now, we'd like to discuss a little bit about why we are personally excited about the new combined company.

  1. Track record. TIBCO knows how to properly integrate a technology company while maintaining the integrity of the technology group but also how to amplify the solution through combined efforts. Many of the prior acquisitions over the years continue to progress and evolve as independent product groups, while leveraging the TIBCO brand and company.
  2. Technology fit. Jaspersoft powers thousands of applications around the world. Many of these applications require real-time access to data to deliver instant insight into a process or decision. TIBCO has been delivering real-time data solutions since its founding. Their mission to provide the right information, at the right time, in the right context to help customers is directly in line to our current and future plans as a BI provider. We also have complementary technologies instead of overlapping functions, ensuring that we can continue to build the products we've been working on since the beginning, but now only better and faster.
  3. Open source importance. While TIBCO does not currently offer any open source solutions, they recognize the important shift in how customers leverage or seek open source software for projects large and small. TIBCO is completely committed to continuing the open source technology and support of Jaspersoft through ongoing product improvements and the maintenance of our community.jaspersoft.com site.
  4. Innovation. TIBCO is a product company that is focused on building the best technology possible. We think Jaspersoft provides equally important and powerful technology that can only be improved with smart energetic engineers both inside and outside the Jaspersoft product group.

You can view the press release on our website to review any details we didn't cover here.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to questions@jaspersoft.com.

On behalf of Jaspersoft we'd like to thank you all for your support and help with the success of the Jaspersoft community. Now, lets make some more history together and take this success even further ...

- Teodor & Giulio