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By: Juan Pablo Morales - foxtrotpiper


2004-03-25 07:59

Is support for several languages (on menu items, messages an the like) coming up on a release or is it a desired feature that requires volunteers?



By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Internationalization

2004-03-29 13:40

We ae working on. See CVS.


vlunteers are ever welcome :-)





By: Takashi Komatsubara - btakashi

RE: Internationalization

2004-03-31 02:09

Hi Giulio,


Thank you for information.

I would like to contribute to localize Ireport_ja.properties file, if you don't mind.


Best regards,





By: Dirk Rost - appshare

RE: Internationalization

2004-03-31 07:56

Hi Giulio,


we already have build a german version. We have parsed all sources and replaced all Strings with a standard java resource call, to get the string in the current language.

If you would merge this into your original sources,

all further translation would be very much easier.


Certainly we would help you doing this.







By: ErtanO - ertano

RE: Internationalization

2004-03-31 08:24

Hi Dirk,


Thank you for your support. I think that the effort merging your sources (partially) with the current CVS tree will be very high as you need to be carefull not to overwrite updated code parts. Work on I18n has started now and will hopefull finished during next weeks. You could contribute a Ireport_de_DE.properties file which can be based on your translations what you already have. It would be very helpful.


We will setup a Procedure how to contribute translations and responsibilities of translations. These procedure definitions will be published on the Projects web page.






By: Dirk Rost - appshare

RE: Internationalization

2004-03-31 08:44

it is on the way...


you will get it within the next 3 weeks



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