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Report Wizard error in 009


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By: MMMMMM - mazzam

Report Wizard error in 009

2003-03-19 00:07

In the newer version 009 when I launch the report wizard

I get this error:


com.ms.wfc.io.WinIOException: Impossibile trovare il percorso specificato

at com/ms/wfc/io/FileEnumerator.<init>

at com/ms/wfc/io/File.getFiles

at com/businesslogic/ireport/ui/ReportWizardForm.comboBoxLayoutType_selectedIndexChanged

at com/ms/wfc/core/EventHandler.invoke

at com/ms/wfc/core/Component.fireEvent

at com/ms/wfc/ui/ComboBox.onSelectedIndexChanged

at com/ms/wfc/ui/ComboBox.setSelectedIndex

at com/businesslogic/ireport/ui/ReportWizardForm.<init>

at com/businesslogic/ireport/MainForm.menuItem76_click

at com/ms/wfc/core/EventHandler.invoke

at com/ms/wfc/ui/MenuItem.onClick

at com/ms/wfc/ui/MenuItem$MenuItemData.execute

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Command.invoke

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Command.dispatchID

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Control.wmCommand

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Control.wndProc

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Form.wndProc

at com/ms/wfc/ui/Control$ControlWindow.wndProc

at com/ms/wfc/app/Window.callback

at com/ms/wfc/win32/Windows.DispatchMessage

at com/ms/wfc/app/Application$ThreadContext.runMessageLoop

at com/ms/wfc/app/Application.run

at com/businesslogic/ireport/MainForm.main


I've unpacked the new iReport to a new folder and copyed my old property files to bin.

ReportWizard from 008 is still working.

Is it a bug or a problem of my configuration??







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Report Wizard error in 009

2003-03-19 00:46

I have already fixed it.



1) download newly iReport 0.0.9 (fixed yesterday)




2) copy templates directory from an old distribution and copy it in the bin directory of iReport 0.0.9







By: MMMMMM - mazzam

RE: Report Wizard error in 009

2003-03-19 02:18

now it works, thanks


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