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Parameter passing to Connection/Factories?

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By: Darren Hartford - binarymonk

Parameter passing to Connection/Factories?

2003-11-28 08:40

Hey all,

Hoping to open up discussion for some good ideas/feasibility of how to handle parameter(s) passing to Connections/Factories.


As it stands now (as I understand it at any rate) parameter passing is used by JasperReports strictly for SQL Query parameter passing that is defined WITHIN the report. When Connections and Factories are used outside of the report, there presently is not a standardized way (or documented way) of passing parameters to the Connections/Factories.


Use Case (as it is now):




myconn.callRemoteMethod(dataParam1, dataParam2)



As you can see, the parameters MAP is useless as you need to pass Data Parameters seperately directly to your Connection or Factory object. If you make a MAP signature for your connection method you can pass parameters (albiet twice). Also, looking at J2EE world most signatures/parameters would be passed via classloaders and would need to be ordered Object[] instead of a map. Not sure if this is something iReport can handle or if this is something iReport should report back to JasperReport.


Looking for ideas!





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Parameter passing to Connection/Factories?

2003-12-01 09:27



Darren, I'm not sure to understand the problem.

Can you explain in other words :-) ?


Please note that parameters are used for a lot of task (i.e. the file name of a subreport, the page title, a chart Image object displayed in the summary band,...)





By: Jeremie Weldin - jweldin

RE: Parameter passing to Connection/Factories?

2003-12-05 07:12

Two words... HELP FORUM. Thank you.

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