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Header and Footer in all pages for crosstab report


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I am new user of Jasper reports. I created a crosstab report following the discussion forums and tutorials frm website. As mentioned, the crosstab need to be created in the summary band of report.

I need to add title(on top) and page number(in footer). I followed the url to create fake title and footer band but, still i see the title and footer on first page, but not in all pages. Iam not sure if iam doing anything wrong in creating the fake report group. Iam using iReports interface. Can somebody help me on how to add the header and footer in crosstab report so that header and footer can display on all pages. Thanks in advance.

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Have you placed the crosstab in the footer section of your dummy groups that breaks only once per report?

If you did that, then the page header and page footer of the report should be present on the crosstab pages.


I hope this helps.


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Hi All,

A general query on header :

Through iReport is it possible to set header for the excel sheet properties,I can set header for a page and header for each page through iReport.

My query : Throguh iReport i should be able to set single header for the generated excel file(this is done),but when i give for print header for each page should be set ,i mean to say header for each page will happen if we set it in Excel sheet page set up properties .is it possible to set anything like that ( Excel sheet page set  up properties)through iReport tool?

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